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This was a peculiar statement, as Schwarzenegger was born in in the Austrian province of Styria, which was under British single party graz 2013 following the defeat of the Nazis who had ruled Austria during World War II. It is possible that Schwarzenegger as a very young single party graz 2013 visited the Soviet-administered zone around Vienna before the last tanks departed in and that he has exceptionally good memory.

This is not only remarkable for the fact that no other Communist Party has comparable success learn more here any major Western European city today, but also, and even more so, for the fact that the Austrian Communist Party hovers single party graz 2013 around a pitiful 1 percent. In the capital city of Vienna it was 1.

Passing through Styria between a bookfair in Ljubljana and a weekend-long meeting in Vienna, Single party graz 2013 decided to pay the provincial capital a visit in order to find out more.

Graz is a pleasant city. There is some old industry in town, mainly the Magna Steyr formerly Steyr-Daimler-Puch factory, where vehicles of all sorts have been produced since flirttipps löwe mann early twentieth century.

Simmering-Graz-Pauka, today Siemens Austria, also a manufacturer of vehicles and heavy machinery, and Andritz, a plant engineering site, are still operating as well. There has never been much else. Graz has always counted as a very bourgeois city, and support for the Nazis was strong during their seven-year reign.

The vicinity to Hungary and Slovenia or, as some people still prefer to call it, the former Yugoslavia is as evident as a slight sense of isolation; Graz lies in the far southeast corner of the German-speaking world, and, unlike in Western Austria where I grew up, German cities are far.

The last time I visited Graz was inwhen I gave a couple of talks organized by folks from the autonomist and anarchist milieu. I was impressed that the party would invite Ali, that he would come, and that his visit would be advertised in such a grand manner; surely, no one in Graz could have missed it. He stresses the fact that he is not a party member, and his sympathies for autonomist Marxism shine through quickly.

I guess this gives the party an edge when meeting accusations of authoritarianism. He then shows me the Bildungsverein program Junepresented in a neat eight-page folder. It starts with someone reading texts by the early-twentieth-century Jewish satirist Kurt Tucholsky and ends with the former German Red Army Faction member-turned-book publisher Karl-Heinz Single party graz 2013 presenting a new volume about the socialist student leader Rudi Dutschke.

This makes Styria the only Austrian province with Communists as members of parliament. It sports a hammer and sickle above an Austrian flag, which conveniently consists of two red bars against a white background, underscoring the old communist symbol. It turns out that he is a Graz native and that he returned to the city in as a district secretary. The layout makes you think that the computer age never happened. The issues that are available contain recipes for potato dishes and advice on how to prevent a cold.

Meanwhile, the journals of the Communist Youth Kommunistische Jugend and the Communist Student Association Read more StudentInnenverband are colorful and eye-catching with graffiti-style headers, imaginative variations on red stars, and photoshopped versions of the iconic Che Guevara image.

These include a minimum wage single party graz 2013 10 euros per hour, the usage of open source software in administration and schooling, free public transport for students and single party graz 2013, the expansion of non-commercial meeting places, and mandatory parental leave for fathers. All of the political parties represented in the city council have offices here. I have an appointment with Werner Savernik, single party graz 2013 council member for the Social Democrats.

When the Nazis seized power four years later, the ban was upheld. One reason for the historical strength of the Austrian Social Democrats was their relative openness to radical currents within the party. The Austrian Social Democrats even stood for their own brand of socialist theory, the so-called Austromarxism, whose main principles were formulated by Here Bauer in the s.

With most prominent Social Democrats in exile, rank and file Communists organizing underground were responsible for some of the most effective resistance against the Nazis on Austrian territory.

Its influence waned, however, when Austria became independent in The party lost its last seats in the Austrian parliament inand it soon disappeared from most provincial and municipal governing bodies as well. Single party graz 2013 the s, it had basically became irrelevant in domestic politics and turned into an ultra-loyal Austrian representative of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

This guaranteed funds and resources that single party graz 2013 outweighed its actual significance. It was not least thanks to these resources that compounds like the one in Graz could be maintained throughout the decades. The fact that the party never managed to capitalize on its resources might be an indication for simple political incompetence. Graz, however, was always a little different. This was enough for having at least one party member consistently represented in the municipal council since World War II.

Nonetheless, the party stuck to its name and to Marxism as its ideological foundation, perhaps because things could hardly get any worse: Meeting the Social Democrat Werner Savernik was a surprise. Jovial, casually dressed, and well tanned, he reminded me of the physical education teachers in our high school. We were on a first-name basis within seconds, which is rare in formal Austrian settings.

His opinion of the Greens, however, was single party graz 2013, at least with respect to the Graz chapter. Single party graz 2013 the Austrian context, this means that the two leading parties divided up all public posts between them.

Unsurprisingly, the Proporz system led to plenty of frustrating bureaucracy, complacency, and corruption. Since the late s, single party graz 2013 cultural developments, new communication technologies, and the crisis of representative democracy have led to more and more Austrians, single party graz 2013 young ones, to vote for formerly small or entirely new parties: Savernik figured that many people in Graz would vote for the right-wing opposition in one election and for the Communists in the next.

This is not an isolated opinion. It is confirmed by voter transition analysis and even by Communist Party members themselves. For Savernik, the fluctuation is no coincidence. Appointments are recommended, single party graz 2013 no one is sent away, five days a week — Wednesday afternoons, when party officials try to catch up on administrative and other duties, are the only exceptions. I passed the office on my way to Savernik. Two people, a man in his mids wearing a tracksuit, and a young woman with a stroller, were waiting their turns.

Savernik calls this degrading. There is one particular issue in which the Communists have excelled: The party also helps individuals who need bigger or better flats, who require unaffordable renovations, or who have run into problems with their landlord. According to party lore, the decision to focus on housing dates back to the s, when the then chairman Ernest Kaltenegger declared that a small party had to focus on one particular issue, since trying to be involved in everything would leave it with no actual influence on anything.

Kaltenegger decided on housing, a topic that concerns many citizens in a very concrete way. It is an around-the-clock telephone service that tenants can turn to with any flüchtlinge kennenlernen regarding their housing situation.

While other city officials were chauffeured around town in expensive cars, Kaltenegger rode the tram or his bicycle. While others voted for higher salaries for themselves, Kaltenegger gave most of his salary to social projects, keeping only the average wage of an Austrian worker.

While others promised monumental things before the elections without ever living up to their announcements, Kaltenegger calmly explained what the Communists were able to do and held his word. While others reiterated boring political slogans, Kaltenegger single party graz 2013 the language of the single party graz 2013. Kaltenegger, now in his 60s, is a gentle and soft-spoken man with rimless glasses, a slight potbelly, and a teddy-bear charm. The story I hear from one party worker about lonely upper-class link in their 50s lining up for a dance with Kaltenegger at fundraisers sounds credible.

This distinction goes, as in many other Austrian towns, to the right-wing Freedom Party. Recently, Kaltenegger declared his retreat from politics for health reasons. His successor in Graz is Elke Kahr, who displays all of the same personal qualities: That is a total of Then again, who knows what the Saverniks can do?

I would soon be presented with two rather differing opinions. Even at the time, Kaltenegger was interested in housing issues and assisted many squatters when the first wave of the European squatting movement swept through town. I meet a different sentiment when I sit down for dinner with old friends from Tyrol — diehard operaists involved with the German journal Wildcat whose name is as telling as it sounds.

They moved to Graz a few years ago. The worker found employment at the Magna Steyr auto factory. The unemployed worker was given the runaround by employment offices and job trainers, all to no avail.

The worker is hesitant to talk to me about the article, since he questions my intentions. It reminds of something a young anarchist in town told me the day before: We end the evening by discussing the open air Green Day concert they are going to attend the following day in Vienna, a birthday present for their year old daughter — presumably, a future worker. I meet few people, but find myself taken by the innovative urban planning of the Social Democrats of old, who placed peaceful meadows between quaint four-story multifamily residences surrounded by bushes and flower beds.

Facing an enormous white wall topped with rolls of barb wire, I notice another single party graz 2013 of interest: According to the Communists, gambling is responsible for some of the worst hardship among working-class families.

Some people lose all their money with disastrous consequences for themselves and their loved ones. I check my watch. My appointment with Elke Kahr is approaching. Once again, I head for the Rathaus. And, indeed, numbers dropped to almost half, This time, she struck single party graz 2013 with an unexpected When I arrive at the RathausI learn Значит, partnersuche kostenlos kaufbeuren Итак Kahr will be late as she is stuck in a meeting.

Strutzenberger is a pleasant man to talk to. When asked about the reasons for the success, he names what pretty much everyone else names, friend or foe: I ask about the name debate. Eventually, Elke Kahr arrives and reminds me that the attitude towards smoking still differs between Austria and Sweden. As predicted by everyone I had talked to, Kahr is engaging, gregarious, and spirited. At the same time, the leisurely chat I had with Alfred Strutzenberger is replaced by a professional politician-meets-the-media routine.

Kahr softens and suggests that other party chapters lack both the experience, the confidence, the patience, and perhaps the commitment that is needed. Leftist friends from different parts of Austria I have spoken to were more direct: Instead, it jealously guards lofty ideals that no one cares about.

The more I reflect upon this the more I feel that the lack of interest is perhaps not merely one-sided.

Graz single party, tergar indonesia. Presenters list so far: Die Cafe Bar Orange ist eine mit diesem Ruf. Damhuskroen - Club K. Join the party in VIP style on an.

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Graz single party, tergar indonesia. Presenters list so far: Die Cafe Bar Orange ist eine mit diesem Ruf. Damhuskroen - Club K. Join the party in VIP style on an.
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